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At the heart of our campaign is a simple word: "Freedom" as defined in President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's 1941 State of the Union Address...


  • Freedom of Speech 

  • Freedom of Worship

  • Freedom from Want

  • Freedom from Fear

I add to those four freedoms two more that are uniquely American...

  • Freedom of the Individual

  • Freedom from Government Overreach

In a state government that has long been under one-party control, there has been a growth in ways the government can control every aspect of our lives coupled with an unwillingness to consider fresh, new approaches to governing. Too often, state government has moved away from basic freedoms and towards controlling more of our lives: what we can read, what medical decisions we can make, even controlling our local governments. 

This legislature doesn't listen to the people and doesn't want to. With gerrymandering one party has virtually guaranteed itself a perpetual majority so they can pretty much do whatever they want.


My Mission:  break the one-party super-majority that's not listening to us and bring a different perspective to every legislative debate. Most of all, I want to focus on Freedom for every Hoosier.

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